Unemployment up 9.5% year on year in the third quarter

While the publication of unemployment figures has become quarterly again, the Directorate for the Animation of Research, Studies and Statistics (Dares) publishes this Tuesday, October 27 its report of the third quarter on the front of job seekers. And if the number of people registered at Pôle Emploi in category A appears to be down compared to the previous quarter (-11.5%), marked by the context of confinement, it still increased by 9.5% over one year.

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A total number of registrants up over one year

On average in the third quarter of 2020, in metropolitan France, the number of people registered with Pôle Emploi and required to look for a job (categories A, B, C) stands at 5.784 million. Among them, 3.673 million people are unemployed (category A) and 2.110 million people have a reduced activity (categories B, C).

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In total, the number of job seekers in categories A, B, C fell by 0.5% over this quarter (-31,200) and grew by 4.7% over one year, continues Dares. Bridgestone, the first presidential file

Including the overseas departments-regions, excluding Mayotte, the number of job seekers amounted to 3.924 million for category A. It fell by 11.0% over the quarter (+ 8.8% over a year). For categories A, B, C, this number stands at 6.086 million: it decreased by 0.5% over this quarter and increased by 4.4% over one year.

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