Unemployment insurance: those expenses that we prefer to forget

Barely published, and already out of date! New confinement requires, the report of the Court of Auditors on the (very poor) state of our unemployment insurance will have to be updated. Because who says new confinement, says in effect a return to partial unemployment for some of the employees of the 16 departments concerned, and therefore a further aggravation of what already appears as ” a historical deficit From Unédic, to use the expression of the wise men of the rue Cambon.

Unemployment: the 5 ulterior motives of a contested reform

After the 17.4 billion euros in losses recorded by unemployment insurance in 2020 – unprecedented – the 10 billion deficits anticipated for 2021 will therefore increase further. They will worsen the cumulative debt, which already stood at 54 billion at the end of 2020, due to the accumulation of successive deficits, recorded year after year since the 2008 crisis, then extraordinary expenses linked to the health crisis.

Lower unemployment is no longer enough

This observation made, it would be wrong to conclude that the report presented Thursday, March 18 by the Court of Auditors would not be worthy of interest. Quite the contrary. In its analysis, the institution looks back on several decades of management of Unédic and highlights some of the causes of the gradual deterioration of unemployment insurance finances.

The financing of Unédic traditionally operates on a cyclical basis, recalls the Court:

In times of crisis, the expenses of the plan, which play a

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