Underwater waves in the race for a place in the SEA Games in Boxing

Boxing at the 31st SEA Games will begin on May 14, but up to now, the list of Vietnamese athletes participating has not been finalized. It seems that there is an underground wave in the Vietnamese boxing team, where the boxers seem to have to make room for others.

Strange things

The first strange story related to Tran Van Thao. Thao is the first Vietnamese boxer to win a professional boxing championship, when he became the owner of the WBC Asian belt in 2017. Since then, Thao has rarely returned to the ring to compete in professional boxing. residual.

Bui Trong Thai is likely to lose his seat at the SEA Games to Tran Van Thao

The boxer born in 1992 is on a journey to increase his rank to compete for the WBC world title, but he surprised everyone by declaring “always ready to participate in the SEA Games”. That was Thao’s statement in early January this year, after he defeated Thai boxer Boonrueang Phayom to have the 14th professional victory in his career.

Coincidentally, after Thao’s statement, he was immediately summoned to the Vietnam Boxing team. This list did not initially include Thao, and he was the only person in the decision to add it by the General Department of Physical Education and Sports. That was also the time when an underground wave began to emerge in the Vietnamese boxing team, where there was a boxer in the same weight category as Thao: Bui Trong Thai.

At the age of 28, Thai attended the 2015 and 2017 SEA Games. It seems that one of the reasons why the Vietnamese boxing team summoned Thao, instead of continuing to use Thai, was because Thai did not have a predestined relationship with other players. international tournament as expected.

In the previous two SEA Games participation, Thailand was soon eliminated and did not have a medal. In addition to the fact that the 31st SEA Games will be held at home, the achievement pressure placed on the Vietnamese boxing team is certainly not small. But will bringing Thao to replace Thai increase the chances of winning a medal at the SEA Games for Vietnamese Boxing?

Underground waves in the race to win a place in the SEA Games in Boxing - 3

Trinh Thi Diem Kieu (right) has an advantage over Thu Nhi to compete for a place in the SEA Games

In the past, there was once Tran Van Thao who competed internationally in the Vietnamese boxing team’s shirt. It was ASIAD 2018 in Indonesia, where he lost to a Chinese boxer in the qualifying round. At the Thai Open before the 31st SEA Games, Thao (men’s 52kg category) also won the same bronze medal as Thailand (men’s 54kg category).

When two fighters faced each other in the past, they were also rated one nine one ten. But when put on the scale compared to Thao, Thai proved to be much weaker. He does not have much international experience, and has a rather small body compared to other boxers of the same rank. That is why Thao is likely to replace Thai to compete at SEA Games 31, although this is a decision that can cause fierce controversy.

Similar to Tran Van Thao, World WBO champion Nguyen Thi Thu Nhi was also called up to the Vietnam Boxing team with the goal of winning a medal at the SEA Games. In the team at this time, the women’s 48kg weight class also had another boxer competing with Nhi. That is Trinh Thi Diem Kieu, a veteran puncher on the payroll of the Army delegation.

Like Bui Trong Thai, Trinh Thi Diem Kieu has more than 10 years of experience training in national boxing teams. The achievements of the female boxer born in 1990 in international tournaments are not bad at all when she won the bronze medal at the 2019 SEA Games, a bronze medal at the 2019 World Military Games. It can be said that Kieu’s position in the national team is “certain” than Thai.

Besides being a newbie in the Vietnamese boxing team, Thu Nhi also suffered a lot of negative information when she decided to return to amateur boxing. According to Nhi’s original schedule, the owner club Cocky Buffalo had planned for her to defend the WBO world belt at the end of March. But by that time, Nhi had returned to Tien Giang to attend the Boxing Championships. national strong teams.

Cocky Buffalo’s side once expressed their frustration at Nhi’s decision. They only refused to go into the water when the Head of Boxing – Kickboxing Department of the General Department of Physical Education and Sports personally went to Ho Chi Minh City to exchange. One of the reasons Cocky Buffalo gave in was to let Nhi compete in the SEA Games as part of her national service.

One team, two teams

Before going to Phuket to attend the Thai Open, the Vietnamese boxing team had a rather rare incident. While the women’s team members took a flight to Thailand as planned and had no problems, the men’s team twice went to the airport, took souvenir photos and then… took their suitcases home. The reason is said to be people having trouble, registering wrong documents when doing immigration procedures in Thailand.

Underwater waves in the race to win a place at the SEA Games in Boxing - 4

Recruiting male boxing twice went to the airport to take souvenir photos… came back because they couldn’t go through immigration procedures

No one knows the truth, but for a long time, the Vietnamese boxing team often divided their troops to practice in many different locations. The men’s team and some female members of the southern delegations practice at the National Sports Training Center 2 (Ho Chi Minh City). Meanwhile, some key members of the Vietnamese women’s boxing team practice in Hanoi. They are mainly boxers of the Hanoi women’s boxing team. The fact that a team divides troops to practice in 2 places is said to help athletes have the best eating and training conditions. Another reason is the frequency of concentration of players in each content.

With men’s boxing, the best boxers mostly came from Quang Ngai and joined the Army. They have many years of being personally trained by veteran coach Huynh Viet Khanh and obeying the strict disciplinary environment of the military. As for women’s boxing, half of the players are joining the Hanoi team, the rest are a few boxers from An Giang, Tien Giang, Ho Chi Minh City…

Underground waves in the race to win a place at the SEA Games in Boxing - 5

Vietnam will send boxers to the World Women’s Boxing Championships

Back to the story of the men’s team having a problem with paperwork but the women’s team still on the road smoothly, in principle, the head coach will be in charge of all procedures for the team. But in this case, it seems that the people who do the paperwork for the men’s team and the women’s team are two different people. Is this a sign of another wave?

More than ever, in a tournament at home, Vietnamese Boxing needs to show solidarity. All boxers, coaches need to work together towards the best goal for the national team, instead of letting personal emotions take over at a pivotal moment.

Vietnam Boxing Team both beat the SEA Games and attended the world championship

According to information announced by the International Boxing Association (IBA), the World Women’s Boxing Championship 2022 will take place from May 6 to 21 in Istanbul, Turkey. This is also the time to coincide with Boxing at the 31st SEA Games, so many Vietnamese boxers had to withdraw from the initial registration list. This is very unfortunate because this tournament has to be postponed for 1 year due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

With 12 weight classes for boxers to participate, the 2022 Women’s World Boxing Championship has a very large scale with a reward of up to 100,000 USD for the boxer who wins the gold medal. But in the context that the key fighters of the women’s team will attend the 31st SEA Games, Vietnam is forced to calculate the amount of rice and fish sauce with the athletes in hand. It is expected that we will send at least 1 representative to the tournament.

Who will wear the Vietnamese flag to the World Women’s Boxing Championship 2022? The identity of this fighter is still unknown, despite the fact that we can send more than 1 athlete to compete in the tournament. The difficult point is that many national female players have just spent a year of little practice and competition due to the epidemic. Only boxers who have been trained closely with high intensity in the team over the past time are able to compete.

Having to disperse forces with a limited number of athletes shows another disadvantage of Vietnamese Boxing. We don’t have a class of athletes next to Nguyen Thi Tam, Vo Thi Kim Anh… in the future. This is what Vietnam needs to learn from Thailand and the Philippines, teams that always have the official team, the number 1 reserve team and… the number 2.

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