Unbelievable mystery inside the Olympic medal Tokyo 2020

Sunday, July 18, 2021 00:04 AM (GMT+7)

The official 2020 Olympic medals are recycled from… old electronics, broken phones.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Medal Set

The gold, silver and bronze medals of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will have the same size with a diameter of about 8.5 cm and a thickness of 12.1 mm. Like the previous Olympics, the front of the medal is carved with the goddess Nike – Goddess of Victory in Greek mythology. On the back is printed the Olympic rings with the Tokyo 2020 logo inside in a swirling design.

In particular, this year’s Olympic medals are made from recycled metal taken from e-waste, broken phones, with the idea of ​​​​”rough stones being sharpened to shine”. This unique design beat more than 400 other creations to win the first prize of the national design competition in Japan.

Since 2017, BTC has launched the “People’s Medal” campaign, calling on people to donate old, unused electronic devices to get the metal to cast the medal.

Unexpected mystery inside the Olympic medal Tokyo 2020 - 2

Olympic medals made from…old, broken electronics

Local authorities have received nearly 79,000 tons of old phones and electronic devices, after the campaign lasted from April 2017 to March 2019.

In total, the program has collected 32kg of gold, 3,500kg of silver and 2,200kg of copper and zinc, producing 5,000 medals at this year’s Olympics.

“The medals capture and emit a multitude of light effects, symbolizing the energy of the athletes and those who support them,” the organizers said.

According to the rules of the International Olympic Committee, silver must contain at least 92.5% silver. Meanwhile, HCV is essentially made of silver, which should contain at least 6 grams of pure gold.

Source: https://tienphong.vn/bi-an-kho-ngo-ben-trong-tam-huy-chuong-olympic-tokyo-2020-post1356390.tpo


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