Unable to inherit due to unemployment

AustraliaClare Brown’s father left her $ 12 million on the condition that her daughter get a job and contribute to society, but she has not yet fulfilled her will.

“I understand why my family wants me to contribute to society, but look at my condition. I didn’t learn to drive because I have ADHD. I can’t concentrate on work. what took so long,” the 26-year-old woman, from Mount Druitt, a western suburb of Sydney, explained.

Brown is currently living on pension with her partner and daughter. Before, she had the life many people dreamed of, attended one of the best schools and had nothing to worry about.

Clare Brown did not inherit because she did not carry out her father’s will. Image: A Current Affair

Brown’s father, Chris, is a successful businessman in the stock market. The father used to give his daughter a weekly allowance of $500, but he kept cutting it, forcing his daughter to apply for a subsidy from the government. When Chris died earlier this year, he left her a fortune on two conditions: get a job and contribute something to society, two things Clare Brown found impossible.

“I’m a broken millionaire because I’m constantly bankrupt and can’t do anything. Give me what’s mine. I’m suffering. Don’t ask me to apply for a job, please,” she said.

Clare and her father when she was young.  Photo: A Current Affair

Clare and her father when she was young. Image: A Current Affair

Clare claims to have severe attention deficit disorder, to the point where she needs a to-do list, or else she’ll forget what she has to do for the day.

In addition, the woman said, recently, the National Disability Insurance (NDIS) program cut funding, making her job opportunities worse. “Recruiters don’t give me a chance. If someone says there are a lot of recruiters out there, I’d say there are very few,” she said, adding that if funding increases, she will be able to get a job.

Brown sued in court to claim the $12 million she thought she deserved. “I just want to take what’s mine. I want people to understand that I’m going to get a job,” she said. Meanwhile, relatives of Brown insisted that she only used an excuse to not comply with her father’s will.

“We want her to get a job and contribute to society. Not only did she not fulfill her late father’s wishes, she went back to sue those who trusted her,” a family member said.

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