Ulm: protests against corona measures: man (32) has an ax and gas mask with him

Protests against Corona measures

Man (32) with an ax and gas mask at a demonstration in Ulm

The police in Ulm had a lot to do on Friday evening with an unannounced demonstration against the Corona measures.

Investigations were launched against 55 participants. When checking a 32-year-old man, the officers seized an ax and a gas mask!

► A 19-year-old has to answer for insulting two police officers.

︎ A 37-year-old did not wear a mask and defended himself against the measures taken by the police.

︎ The officials filed a criminal complaint against a 35-year-old woman – presumably the organizer of the protest.

︎ Investigations were initiated against two 17-year-olds for violating the ban on masks.

︎ 49 participants face fines for non-compliance with the mask requirement.

The police had checked compliance with the mask requirement and had previously pointed this out several times with loudspeaker announcements. No information was given on the number of participants.


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