Ukrainian tennis woman in cool clothes, Kasatkina’s highest form in 2021

Sunday, March 28, 2021 19:02 PM (GMT + 7)

(Tennis news) Female tennis player Angelina Dimova is famous on social networks for often wearing cool clothes.

Lady Dimova wears “attractive” clothes to many fans

Although Angelina Dimova has not had any outstanding achievements, she is very popular on Instagram because she regularly posts pictures and videos in which she regularly wears two-piece clothes, even when going to practice.

Angelina Dimova often wears healthy and sexy clothes to show off her body

The Ukrainian-born player recently posted “provocative” photos and clips of fans on Instagram, in the clip she left the car in a sexy outfit. The 19-year-old girl then does exercises on the wall, wearing a tight dress.

Dimova does not seem to consider tennis as a priority for her career, she has now been invited to film and model so she does not have to worry about income. She has also previously won a hip-hop championship, saying being a female dancer wasn’t a bad option for Dimova either.

Kasatkina’s top performance in 2021, awarded the jersey of honor

Daria Kasatkina became the first female tennis player in 2021 to win two WTA titles to return to the top 50. She won the Phillip Island Trophy after the Australian Open, and last week she took the throne at the tournament. St. The Petersburg Ladies Trophy, the second title she won in Russia since the 2018 Moscow championship.

Ukrainian tennis woman in cool clothes, Kasatkina in the highest form in 2021 - 3

Kasatkina received the No. 7 jersey of CSKA Moscow basketball club

This is the first time Kasatkina has won 2 championships in a year and this performance made her reach the top 50 WTA when ranked 42, her highest position since October 2019. After winning the trophy at St. In Petersburg, Kasatkina recently attended a CSKA Moscow basketball game and she was presented with her number 7 jersey by the team.

Ukrainian tennis woman in cool clothes, Kasatkina's highest form in 2021 - 4

Ukrainian tennis woman in cool clothes, Kasatkina in the highest form in 2021 - 5

Ukrainian tennis woman in cool clothes, Kasatkina in the highest form in 2021 - 6

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