Ukraine refugees: reception camps in Saxony are already full

Leipzig – The city of Leipzig and surrounding communities should be the first point of contact for all Ukrainian war refugees in the Free State. There are around 1300 places in the “Mockau II” and “Mockau III” accommodations. But they are long since full.

Also because Saxony took over 400 refugees from Berlin. About 300 places are still available in Rötha. That’s it for now. Therefore, winter-proof tents are now to be set up in Leipzig-Mockau.

When? Not clear! “We are still in the chaos phase,” admitted Regina Kraushaar (57), President of the State Directorate on Tuesday. “We have to create spaces, create spaces, create spaces!” For the city of Leipzig, this will probably first happen at the new trade fair.

After five days, the refugees are distributed from Leipzig to the other Saxon districts, and some to other federal states. For Saxony itself expects the Free State with 65,000 refugees, the City and Municipal Council with 85,000. One thing is clear: “There will be significantly more than during the refugee crisis of 2015,” said MP Michael Kretschmer (46, CDU).

In Saxony, 1944 Ukrainian war refugees are registered (as of Tuesday evening), mostly women with their children. Meanwhile, Minister of Justice Katja Meier (42, Greens) reports a call for help from the Polish Voivodeship of Lower Silesia (Wroclaw): It is no longer possible to cope with the many children who arrive without parents.

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Source: BILD, Reuters



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