UK: Sexy Thief! Is Briton Jonathan Cahill the new Jeremy Meeks?

The next criminal to turn heads for his looks…

A convicted thief is on the run in Britain. West Yorkshire Police released a photo of him so he could be caught faster. But she probably didn’t expect these reactions: women AND men are crazy about him!

His name: Jonathan Cahill. His age: 37 years. His height: 1.80 meters. His crime: He violated the conditions he received with his early release from prison. “Cahill, 37, was released from prison last September after serving part of a sentence for burglary,” the manhunt reads, reports the “Daily Mail“.

But similar to the former US crack Jeremy Meeks (37), women in particular go crazy because of his appearance. More than one said they would like to take the time to find Cahill. To then ask the question, “If I find it, can I keep it?”

Or, “What is his crime, breaking hearts or breaking into houses?”

Police used this photo to search for Jeremy Meeks in California in 2014Photo: REUTERS

One comment sums up the spectacle well: “(It) should be easy to find him. Half the women in West Yorkshire will haunt him after reading these comments.”

Whether Jonathan Cahill will probably have a career like his US colleague Meeks after he has gotten the law behind him? In 2014, the police in California released a photo of him. The result: Nobody was interested in his crimes anymore. He was serving 11 out of 27 months in prison for gun possession when he was released for good behavior in March 2016.

Meeks made a career as a model and actor, is now worth millions and has had relationships with the most beautiful women. For example with Chloe Green (30), daughter of the rich businessman Philip Green (69). The couple were together from 2017 to 2019 and have a son together.

Big footsteps for Cahill – who has to go back to jail first. Let’s see if the enthusiasm of his female fans continues after that…


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