Ugly girl transforms into a beauty icon

Once as ugly as Happy Polla, Bich Phuong, 28, has spent 10 years changing herself to become a “cloud-haired princess”, inspiring thousands of women.

Every time Pham Thi Bich Phuong (common name Happi Pham) shares an image of one meter long hair, her personal page explodes with tens of thousands of likes and comments.

“Everybody whispers, admires and calls me the cloud-haired princess of Vietnam,” shared Bich Phuong, who lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Happi Pham at the age of 20 with short hair, rough figure, careless with himself, so he was often teased like a boy. Photo: Characters provided

It took her nearly 10 years to get her current hair. The day she moved from Dong Nai to Saigon to attend university, Phuong was often mocked and teased by many people because of her short hair, black skin and rough body. “The boys in my class call me Happy Polla (Thai girl is nicknamed “cyber disaster” because she’s too ugly.) When riding the bus, I never give up my seat or carry my things for me, while I’m on the bus. If it was a slim or pretty girl, it would have been completely different,” she recalls.

Those experiences made Phuong realize that a girl’s first impression of others often comes from her appearance. She herself is not beautiful, not good, nor rich, so the girl from Dong Nai thinks that she must be special according to positive criteria so that people meet once and not forget.

Originally interested in learning English, Phuong often reads foreign beauty magazines. One day, the image of a Filipino girl with long smooth hair, whether combined with a long dress or jeans, had a strong impact, making her determined to turn her hair into her strength.

In the 2010s, Vietnamese girls pursued the Korean curly hair trend, but in the boarding house in Go Vap district, Phuong used avocado, aloe vera and banana, yogurt to incubate her hair. Every time she comes home, she carries to the city all kinds of locusts, grapefruit leaves, lemongrass and also makes silage rice water to wash her hair. Friends in the inn told her that she was “crazy, going against the times, eating a few meals a month and a half and then giving up”, but the more she was told, the more determined Phuong became.

Before long, the blond and shabby hair gradually grew to the nape of the neck, to the shoulders. Having grown my hair for about half a year, suddenly one day a male neighbor complimented: “Today, Happi’s hair looks so smooth”. That moment made her even more convinced that the path she chose was the right one.

In the following years, she still persisted in using natural remedies to take care of her hair, whether going out or being told that her long black hair looked “rice”, “alum” or “country”, until she endured many inconveniences. of long hair. When the hair is at the waist, people often recommend dyeing or cutting it for youthfulness and easy coordination, Phuong still tends to the original long black hair. With that, she began to lose weight.

“When I love myself, I start to see people more favorably, life is easier,” she shared.

Happi Pham with one meter long hair at the end of 2021, in Australia.  Photo: Character provided

Happi Pham with one meter long hair at the end of 2021, in Australia. Photo: Characters provided

In 2016, Bich Phuong went to Australia to study two masters of business and accounting. After graduating, she worked as a restaurant manager in Melbourne. Her job was stable when the pandemic broke out, restaurants closed, and she had to stay at home. When she was bored, suddenly Phuong was tagged by a friend in an article for hair advice. From helping a few people, Happi writes long articles and posts to several groups to let more people know.

“After one night, my Facebook has too many notifications and friend requests,” she said. From here, she established a hair-loving group and a YouTube channel to share her accumulated beauty experiences over the years. She could not have imagined that the jobs that came from her passion led to the turning point in her life after that.

In mid-2021, Bich Phuong was invited to be a photo model for hair, and then to represent about 10 brands of hair care products. Currently, she also has income from her YouTube channel and blog. “My life has changed since I learned to love and appreciate myself,” she said.

To keep her cloudy hair, she washes it once every 2-3 days with a suitable shampoo and conditioner, then applies conditioner and dries it. At the weekend, she will spend about two and a half hours to incubate her hair with natural ingredients such as avocado, banana, beer, eggs… Every night at bedtime, she uses hair conditioner, before going out in the sun, she also shields to avoid wind and dust and will occasionally take the time to trim away split ends.

Happi hair mask recipes

Thanks to her beautiful hair, Happi Pham became a hair model.  Photo: Character provided

Thanks to her beautiful hair, Happi Pham became a hair model. Photo: Characters provided

Phuong’s beauty experiences and enduring journey have become an inspiration to many people. Ngoc Tu, 32 years old, from Hue, shared that she met Phuong in 2015 in an IELTS preparation class. At that time, Happi’s hair was half back, not as beautiful and smooth as now, but Tu was impressed because Happi was very ambitious, full of life energy and worked hard to beautify.

“After 5 years, I reconnected with her. Indeed, if I hadn’t met her in the past, I would have thought she was naturally beautiful, but because I’ve been in contact with her, I know she made a lot of efforts to change her appearance externally. such item,” Ngoc Tu said.

Hair is not like other parts, to take care of beauty cannot be rushed. Like many women after giving birth, Ngoc Tu did many ways to recover but to no avail, so there was a time when she was very self-deprecating. When she talked to Happi again, she realized that the reason she failed was because she did not persevere.

Following the example of her younger brother, Tu did not go to a salon to remove chemicals, straighten or straighten her hairline, but incubated natural masks. Now, after more than a year and a half of perseverance, she confidently lets her natural hair down every time she goes out.

Similarly, Ms. Oanh, 28 years old in Ho Chi Minh City or Ms. Kim Anh in Hanoi, were also inspired by “cloud-haired princess”. Oanh shared, while her hair was badly damaged, she followed the hair care tips and changed her mind in the direction of Phuong’s personal development, not only her hair but also herself changed positively. “Being beautiful is not enough, you have to listen and understand the hair as well as the body to see the change,” Oanh said.

As for Bich Phuong, now she is no longer an ugly girl but becomes a girl with a degree, passion and inspiration for everyone. From Australia, she is most proud when she wears a traditional long dress with her hair fluttering. She becomes special wherever she appears.

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