UFO and alien: US professor warns of attacks with asteroids

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As “The Sun” reports, aliens could bombard the earth with asteroids that hit like bombs and wipe out entire cities. The British tabloid refers to Professor Paul Springer from the US Air Command and Staff College in Alabama.

According to the Ami, it would initially be likely that aliens would send probes from outside our solar system to explore our earth.

If you believe the US professor of comparative military studies, then the beings would come to us to colonize our planet. The newspaper quotes Springer as saying: “You have to assume that every civilization is acting in its own interest – they do not show up because they mean well with us.”

Professor Paul Springer warns of alien attacks with astro bombsPhoto: private

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As in Roland Emmerich’s box office hit “Independence Day” from 1996, the aliens could be space nomads who use probes to search for planets in order to conquer them.

The aliens would – of course – disable the nuclear weapons of nuclear nations like the USA and Russia beforehand with lasers or asteroid bombs. As another first strike, the author of several books, referred to by “The Sun” as an “expert”, names a tailor-made virus that would wipe out mankind so that alien life forms could make themselves comfortable here.

The alien invasion theme has been up and down in Hollywood for decades. According to Springer, reality could get “infinitely worse”: humanity is helplessly at the mercy of the attackers from space. Ultimately, people would recognize “when they are defeated and accept the status quo (as subjugated, editor’s note)”.

The article from “The Sun” ends with the question of whether aliens have not already visited and investigated our planet. The tabloid writes that US officials, after careful examination (“Project Blue Book”), put the issue on file in the 1960s. However, after decades of ridicule, the debate is now being conducted more seriously again and viewed in the United States as “a serious national security problem”.


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