UFC beauty Tate won beautifully when she reappeared, the boxer punched an alcoholic and was sued

Monday, July 19, 2021 00:26 AM (GMT+7)

(Sports News, Martial Arts News) Miesha Tate, a famous woman of the mixed martial arts (MMA) village, has just had a convincing victory in her first match after 5 years on the UFC arena. Meanwhile, boxer Joe Schilling shocked an ordinary citizen right in the bar.

Beating talented female Miesha Tate reappears after 5 years: Win by knock-out convincing opponent

Returning to the UFC arena 5 years after announcing her retirement in 2016, the beautiful female former Bantamweight champion – Miesha Tate faced rival Marion Reneau at the UFC on ESPN: Makhachev vs Moises event at the UFC on ESPN: Makhachev vs. Moises event. Las Vegas (Nevada, USA) on July 18.

Miesha Tate (white shirt) has an impressive comeback after 5 years when she won by knockout Marion Reneau Ren

The match of the two host women was balanced in the beginning of the match. Then, “Cupcake” Miesha Tate successfully completed 3 knocks in all 3 rounds, before finishing the opponent with a series of ground-and-pound strikes at 1 minute 53 seconds in the third round. This was a victory by equals. Miesha Tate’s fourth knockout and 19th out of 26 UFC fights.

Video of Miesha Tate defeating Marion Reneau:

Schilling sued for assaulting an alcoholic at a bar, easily losing $30,000

Recently, the Chisanga Malata account posted on the social network Twitter a shocking video clip when a guy named Justin Balboa (31 years old) was knocked down by former World Kickboxing champion Joe Chilling with 2 extreme blows. heavy handed.

The incident took place in the B Square bar on the evening of June 28 when Balboa complained about Chilling pulling him aside to facilitate his movement and was “broken” for receiving the star’s powerful punches. up to 1.91m tall.

Beauty UFC Tate won beautifully when she reappeared, the boxer punched an alcoholic and was sued - 3

Former Kickboxing World Champion Joe Chilling throws 2 punches that make Joe Chilling fall on the spot

Balboa then asked his attorney to file a lawsuit against Chilling for “malicious assault” and “serious bodily harm” to him. The man born in 1990 also asked the person who hit him to compensate him with $ 30,000 (more than VND 690 million).

However, a bar employee named Mike testified that before being attacked, Balboa was drunk and made insulting words to Chilling’s wife. Balboa is also a regular customer of the B Square bar, but this person is often drunk and quarrels with the bar’s staff and other customers.

Video Joe Chilling cruelly with Justin Balboa:

Khabib’s practice buddy gave Moises a taste of bitter defeat

The most awaited match at the event “UFC on ESPN: Makhachev vs Moises” just ended on the morning of July 18 (Vietnam time) with the joy of winning a famous fighter.

It was Russian boxer Islam Makhachev when he defeated Brazilian national opponent Thiago Moises after 4 rounds in lightweight thanks to “submission” techniques. This is the 20th victory in 21 fights in the UFC octagonal cage of Makhachev, the fighter who often trains with fellow star Khabib Nurmagomedov at the AKA gym in San Jose (California, USA).

UFC beauty Tate won beautifully when she re-appeared, the boxer punched an alcoholic and was sued - 4

Islam Makhachev defeated Thiaho Moises

Video of the exciting match between Islam Makhachev and Thiago Moises:

Chinese boxing STAR Zhaoxin Zhang 2 times “measured the floor”, lost by knock-out the WBA champion

On the evening of July 17, at the Stade Roi Baudouin ring in Brussels (Belgium), the WBA world champion cruiser Ryad Merhy defeated the Chinese opponent Zhaoxin Zhang quite easily.

Mehry unleashed powerful punches that knocked Zhaoxin down in the 3rd round. In the 8th round, Merhy’s left hook punched the Chinese opponent and this time the referee had to count before deciding the part. won by knockout for the Belgian star of Ivory Coast origin.

Beauty UFC Tate won beautifully when she re-appeared, the boxer punched an alcoholic and was sued - 5

Zhaoxin Zhang (left) receives a heavy blow from Ryad Merhy

Son died tragically at sea from a heart attack, Chris Eubank rushed to check his health

Chris Bank (54 years old), former British boxing champion and former WBO middleweight and super middleweight belt, received a shock when his second son, Sebastian Bank, died on July 9 of a heart attack. while swimming in Dubai (UAE) just a few days before his 30th birthday.

Beauty UFC Tate won beautifully when she reappeared, the boxer punched an alcoholic and was sued - 6

Sebastian Bank, the second son of boxing legend Chris Bank, died shortly before his 30th birthday

Although doctors have confirmed that the disease that led to Sebastian’s death is not genetic, Chris Bank recently decided to go with his whole family to have a complete health check to “make sure”. .

Video of Chris Bank and late son Sebastian Bank:

Source: https://tcdulichtphcm.vn/the-thao/my-nhan-ufc-tate-thang-dep-khi-tai-xuat-vo-si-dam-guc-ke-nat-r…


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