UFC beauties blushing too short to reveal the sensitive point, the referee had to act

Wednesday 2/12/2020 1:02 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) Female boxer nicknamed “Immortal” had trouble with the shirt at the UFC event over the weekend.

Video of the referee pulling the female boxer’s shirt:

The UFC on ESPN event took place on November 29, with the focus of the competition between Smith and Clark, ending with a victory for Anthony Smith, a puncher nicknamed “Lion’s Heart” 32 years old from America. In addition to the match above, there are 5 main event matches, and the match between two female boxers Norma Dumont Viana and Ashlee Evans Smith is mentioned a lot.

Norma Dumont a little bit more fell into the scene “blushing” on the ring

The beauty from Brazil, Norma Dumont, due to the use of a “save cloth” kit, showed signs of being dropped when the match was tense, about to reveal a sensitive point. Realizing this, the referee did something few people dare to do, he deftly moved to pull the female boxer so that the match could continue.

After such quick action, referee Jason Herzog received praise from MMA martial arts fans. “A mindful referee, he is not afraid to act sensitive. His skillful handling has helped the female boxer get out of the mess and the game continues to go smoothly,” commented a twitter user. Comment.

With “immortal” female boxer “Norma Dumont, this was an enjoyable experience for her. After her unsuccessful debut on February 29 (losing knock-out Megan Anderson) she won her first UFC match before. Ashlee Evans Smith in a match that lasted 3 halves (15 minutes) on November 29.

Currently, she has had 6 MMA matches (5 wins, 1 loss), in the opposite direction, Ashlee, the host girl, lost the 5th match, after 11 times of professional competition (6 wins).

Source: http: //danviet.vn/do-mat-my-nhan-ufc-mac-ao-qua-ngan-lo-diem-nhay-cam-trong-tai-phai-ra-tay-5020 …

(Sports news, martial arts news) “The Godfather of UFC” realized the mistake, so he immediately took action to compensate for the worthy fighter.


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