U60 woman spends money learning how to love

Older brotherBroken marriage, constant failure when looking for a life partner, caused Isabella Arpino to spend £2,000 (nearly VND 60 million) to attend a love course.

The 57-year-old Eastcote woman was at an impasse when her 23-year marriage fell apart in 2019. After four years of being single, she was persuaded by her 24-year-old daughter to seek a new relationship through an app. dating, but things are not simple.

“I long for complete love, but dating through apps is too difficult. Many people lie or suddenly stop communicating while we are talking. Someone agreed to meet but he left midway. “, Mrs. Isabella said and said she would stop looking for a lover online.

Four years after the divorce, Isabella Arpino tried to find dating apps but could not find the right person. Image: Isabella Arpino

Having stumbled across a few clips of Jake Maddock, an Australian sex and love consultant using social media, Ms. Isabella tried to contact her for help at a cost of £2,000.

“I was quite worried about the accuracy and credibility, so I offered to pay the tuition fee in installments. Not to mention, my son always thought this could be a scam,” she said.

Jack has developed tailored curriculum, online assignments, and face-to-face counseling three times per week for elderly female students. He also gives advice on how to start a new relationship, keep it going, or deal with negative circumstances on dating apps.

Thanks to Jack, Isabella understands that she must prepare herself for rejection if she wants to meet and date online. The expert also reminded her of taking control in the relationship, learning to love yourself, and having fun in the dating world instead of getting too stressed out.

Isabella Arpino and her second husband, Ian.  Photo: Isabella Arpino

Isabella Arpino and her second husband, Ian. Image: Isabella Arpino

Not long after, Mrs. Isabella took the initiative to talk to Ian – a 60-year-old man from Bristol, described with a bright smile and lovely eyes. After a long conversation, the couple fell in love and officially started dating.

“Ian didn’t take me to fancy restaurants or expensive vacations to prove his love, but he gave me everything, even moving jobs to be near his lover. Ian was always behind, supporting me. I am spiritually filled with love,” she said.

Earlier this year, the couple decided to hold a wedding later. The U60 woman said she was happy when she found her life’s destiny in the late afternoon, and at the same time thanked the young expert.

Minh Phuong (According to Mirror)


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