U-turn at Daimler: Now a success bonus after all

Stuttgart – The car manufacturer Daimler is prematurely withdrawing the cuts in working hours negotiated last summer and is now paying the employees a profit-sharing bonus.

This is a reaction to the unexpectedly good business development in 2020 and the currently good market development, the group confirmed on Friday. The “Stuttgarter Nachrichten” (Saturday) reported on it beforehand.

The employees, whose working hours were usually reduced by two hours in autumn, should now work as usual again from April 1st. The reduction applied to employees in administration as well as in the so-called production-related areas and should actually run for a year.

In addition, around 135,000 collective bargaining employees in Germany now receive a one-off profit share of 500 euros. Daimler had paid the employees a “Corona bonus” of 1,000 euros before Christmas. The usual profit-sharing scheme shouldn’t have existed this year.

The cuts were negotiated by the general works council and group management last summer in order to cushion the effects of the corona crisis. But after business had developed significantly better than feared, General Works Council chief Michael Brecht had called for the premature withdrawal.


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