Two seriously injured: flight instructor and student crashed after take-off

It happened just seconds after the start.

On Saturday, a flight instructor (52) and his student (14) started with a glider at Friedersdorf airfield in Heidesee (Brandeburg). Suddenly the glider got into trouble and fell to the ground.

The force of the impact caused the plane to break through in the middlePhoto: Spreepicture

The two-seater of the “Puchacz” type hit a field and broke in half. According to BamS information, the machine is said to have been hanging on the rope of the winch vehicle when it crashed to the ground from a height of about 50 meters.

“We were informed around 12.20pm that a two-person glider had an accident while taking off at an airfield on Wolziger Chaussee,” said Torsten Wendt from the South Police Department.

The fire brigade and police were on site.  The crash site was fenced off

The fire brigade and police were on site. The crash site was fenced offPhoto: Spreepicture

The two accident victims were seriously injured and flown to clinics in rescue helicopters. Nothing is known about their condition yet.

Bad: 16 members of the “INTERFLUG Berlin” air sports club had to watch the crash. They were looked after by pastors on site.

The investigation into the cause of the crash is ongoing


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