Two mega highs heat us up – Peter and Oliver bring spring

Berlin – Spring comes with a mega WEDDING!

Tomorrow (Friday, April 18) and at the weekend, the two high pressure areas Peter and Oliver will combine to form a mega high over Central Europe. Just in time for the start of spring there are temperatures of up to 23 degrees!

Blue skies and sunshine: Spring is already starting in Panker (Schleswig-Holstein) on the Baltic SeaPhoto: Christian Charisius/dpa

► Graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung from “The merger creates a very strong high pressure area with a pressure in the center over the Baltic Sea of ​​1050 to 1052 hectopascals. From tomorrow there will be a lot of sunshine and dry weather all over Germany and probably for the entire coming weekend and next week and also the weekend after that. There’s no more rain in sight.”

Due to the drought, the risk of forest fires in Germany will quickly increase again. Jung continues: “Today there are still the last drops in the west and north-west. As early as Sunday, warning level 4 out of 5 will be reached in places, and there is a high risk of forest fires.”

Danger also threatens allergy sufferers. climatologist dr. Karsten Brandt from explains: “The birch will soon come into play when pollen counts. Many, indeed very many, are allergic to it. It starts soon.”

This is how it will continue in the coming days

Friday: 11 to 17 degrees, spring is here again, lots of sunshine

Saturday: 9 to 16 degrees, sun

Sunday: 11 to 17 degrees, sun

Monday: 13 to 18 degrees, sun

Tuesday: 12 to 17 degrees, sun

Wednesday: 14 to 20 degrees, sun

Thursday: 17 to 22 degrees, sun

Friday: 17 to 23 degrees, sun

Saturday: 18 to 23 degrees, sun

Sunday: 16 to 23 degrees, sun

“It’s a March of records,” explains weather expert Jung. “March 2022 will be the sunniest March on record. In the driest March to date, in 1929, just under ten liters of rain per square meter fell in Germany. The current March brought only six liters of rain per square meter. If it stays that way, it would even be the driest March since weather records began.”

In terms of temperatures, the month has been 0.7 degrees too warm so far. “In the end, I expect the month to be 1.5 to two degrees too warm,” says Jung. “But at night you still have to be prepared for light frost here and there. It’s still cooling off significantly.”


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