Two beauties swimming in bikinis saw the end of the Olympic competition

Tuesday, July 20, 2021 12:05 PM (GMT+7)

(Sports news, Olympic news) The costumes of two British female athletes create a sense of deception that makes many viewers “blush”.

In the first time participating in the Olympics, two British female swimmers, Kate Shortman and Isabelle Thorpe, made the men stir. Previously, two 19-year-old female students from Bristol (UK) were often criticized for being “masculine” or “too muscular”, but those who hated them had to think again after the couple released a bikini clip. Feminine, sexy.

Two beauties who were criticized for being “manly” surprised the audience with a series of bikini photos

As they prepared to leave for Japan with the British sports team, the couple Shortman and Thorpe participated in an underwater lingerie shoot, with the aim of encouraging teenage girls to be proud of their bodies.

After a decade of pursuing swimming, the couple describes themselves as having “big shoulders, small breasts, and small butts”.

Isabelle, 20, told The Sun: ‘We were wearing swimwear so we couldn’t hide anything. It forces us to be comfortable with our bodies. There are trends on social networks about how you need to be. The trend is more curvy, big butt and big bust. We want to convey the message, if you don’t fit that standard, that’s okay.”

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They wore bikinis that looked like they were piercing, surprising the fans

Kate, 19, added: “A lot of people see our photos and send words of encouragement. Now we feel really strong and confident in our bodies.”

Many viewers who previously criticized the body of two female athletes had to think again. They were completely surprised by the feminine beauty of the two female athletes and surprised because they dared to wear costumes that were too sexy, even misleading.

“The see-through outfits are so eye-catching, full of mystery. In that picture, no one dares to call you “manly” anymore,” one viewer wrote on twitter. “A beautiful and attractive body, attracting all eyes. Bad clothes, really sexy. Strong and confident on 2 girls”, another wrote.

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Karen Thorpe (left) and Maria Shortman (right) were part of the British swimming team for the 1998 Olympics

Another story, Shortman and Thorpe are two children of two former swimmers who represented England in team swimming competition at the 1998 Olympics. Isabelle is the daughter of former female athlete Karen Thorpe, Kate is the daughter of swimmer Maria. Shortman.


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