Twin sisters get married on the same day

Quang NamIn the presence of the guests, Mr. Nguyen Thuong, 72 years old, took his two daughters’ hands to the stage and sent his message to the two grooms, on the morning of July 10.

Mr. Thuong’s two daughters are twin sisters Nguyen Thi My and Nguyen Thi Tho, 26 years old, in Dai Phong commune, Dai Loc district. When the two brides stepped out of the wedding hall together, many guests burst out in surprise because of their identical appearance.

Bride and groom Nguyen Thi My (left) took a photo with her sister Nguyen Thi Tho, at the wedding in Quang Nam, on the morning of July 10. Image: HV

My and Tho are identical twins. At the time of birth, My was in the position of the reverse, a few minutes behind Tho, but was chosen by her parents to be her sister. The two sisters have the same appearance and voice, and at first glance, it is difficult to distinguish except from family members.

Two months ago, her boyfriend’s family in Phan Thiet came to her house for an engagement ceremony. At that time, Mr. Thuong proposed to hold a wedding and party in the countryside for both of his daughters, because the US also planned to get married this year. This decision was initially not supported by the groom’s family because of the custom of abstaining from the fact that the two sisters were married in the same year.

“But two sisters born on the same day, now it is also reasonable to get married. Moreover, the joint organization helps distant relatives to come back to celebrate once, avoiding costs,” Mr. Thuong persuaded.

After discussing with two families in Quy Nhon and Phan Thiet, the three families agreed to hold a wedding party on July 10. The groom’s family came to the girl’s house a day before to rest because of the long distance.

When starting to prepare, both new brides realize that a joint wedding is not more convenient. Nguyen Thi My admits that the preparation of wedding clothes is quite difficult and time consuming, from designing the big stage to setting up the theater, preparing flowers, wedding costumes, setting the table, even the makeup and hairdressing crew. must be doubled.

Fearing that the wedding coordinator and relatives on both sides would receive the wrong bride, the day before the wedding, the three families had to work with the crew to agree on the standing position of each couple on the stage, convenient for the MC. introduce.

As for the groom, both confirmed that they had never received the wrong lover. “But if the grooms were worried, the spotlight effect would look at the chicken becoming national, my sister and I intentionally chose two different wedding dresses, easy to distinguish,” the American bride said.

The American couple, Tho took a photo with friends at the wedding on the morning of July 10 in their hometown.  Photo: HV

The American couple, Tho took a photo with friends at the wedding on the morning of July 10 in their hometown. Image: HV

The wedding image of the twin sisters with the sign “The house has two daughters going to get married” suddenly became famous on social networks, receiving thousands of likes and shares. All three families consider this a memorable memory of the big day.

“My sisters and I have the same appearance, since childhood, we have worn double clothes, we are in the same class when we grow up, we are always wrapped in each other, getting married on the same day is even more meaningful,” said the 26-year-old girl.

Ms. Le Thi Nguyet, 69 years old, the mother of twins, said she was very happy and a little surprised because the wedding of the two children went well with the blessings of relatives, guests and strangers in the world. Social Network.

At the same time, Mr. Thuong sent his two daughters to his husband’s house and couldn’t hold back his tears. “I just want my two children to be happy, respected and loved by the husband’s family like children in the family,” the 72-year-old man shared.

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