Turning point in the Berlin pastor murder trial – defendant released in court

Berlin – Big setback for the investigators. According to the conviction of the court and the public prosecutor’s office, the main accused in the pastor’s murder cannot be the murderer.

Cristian-Cosmin C. (25) was released in the courtroom. One of the two defense lawyers, attorney Michael Stopp, told BILD: “It couldn’t have been him, he left Germany long before the crime. In addition, there were no DNA traces of my client on the victim! At most, the accusation of meeting to break into the apartment remains. “

Flashback: On July 4, 2020, the clergyman was found dead in his apartment on Thomasiustraße in Moabit. His apartment was ransacked, Reinhold Zuber (77) was lying choked with a pillow on the living room floor.

After the crime, the police sealed the apartment and put a flower in front of the door

Photo: Timo Beurich

Cristian-Cosmin C. (25) and his alleged accomplice Vandam G. (21, both from Romania) quickly came under suspicion.

The police found DNA traces of Vandam G. on the body of the ex-city missionary. In August 2020, the suspects were arrested in Romania and extradited to Berlin.

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The main defendant Cristian-Cosmin C. (25, center) was able to leave the court. He was exonerated

Photo: Olaf Selchow

Relief came from jail, of all places

In custody, Cristian-Cosmin C. met an old acquaintance – Edis K., who was on charges of fraud. He then revealed himself to the police, chatted about the unsuccessful break-in at the pastor’s – and that Cristian-Cosmin C. had left Germany 14 days before the crime. Clear relief!

The second defense attorney for Cristian-Cosmin C., lawyer Mirko Röder: “It was only through persistent inquiries from the public prosecutor that the crude and absurd investigative work of the sixth homicide squad was corrected and the urgent suspicion now off the table.”

Pastor killed in Berlin What makes this case so unusual

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Source: BILD


He now expects an early judgment and acquittal for the main defendant in the murder of Pastor Reinhold Zuber.

This does not apply to co-defendant Vandam G.! His DNA was found at the crime scene.


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