Turnaround or flash in the pan? – Screams of relief at Fortuna!

The last line-up is finally winning again – it is only the second three in the current season!

Fortuna are missing 12 players against Heidenheim (1-0) due to injury and illness. In an emergency, midfielder Marcel Sobottka has to defend the back left of the back four. It not only keeps its unfamiliar side sealed – it also provides guidance:

► 33rd minute: Sobottka takes a free kick on the left side of the penalty area. Cross Pledl – and Sobottka nails the ball from 12 meters volley in the top left corner – 1-0.

A shot like a hammer blow! Sobottka (r.) Nails the ball into the cornerPhoto: picture alliance / dpa

But that’s it with highlights from Fortuna’s point of view. On the contrary: Kastenmeier has to save one day in dire straits:

► Heidenheim’s Thomalla suddenly stands 13 meters free in front of the gate. But the Düsseldorf keeper was careful, threw himself at him and parried the ball (79th).

Very important also for Kastenmeier personally – last week in Hanover (0: 3) he made a bad mistake and scored an embarrassing own goal.

This time the goalkeeper looks bad on the other side: Heidenheim’s Müller wants to play Hennings in front of his own goal, but loses the ball. The striker only has to insert to make it 2-0. But the hit doesn’t count – Hennings was on the ball with his hand (90th).

Fortuna doesn’t care, seconds later it’s over. Then all you can hear in the empty arena is screams of relief!

► Matchwinner Sobottka: “Everyone on the bench was screaming and cheering. You can see that the team is alive. “

► Trainer Uwe Rösler celebrates the so important victory: “A victory of the will! We have shown reaction, morale, and tackle strength. That will give us energy. “

The question: Was that the turning point or just a flash in the pan?

One thing is clear: It was only the victory that counted – but Fortuna was again unable to convince playfully!

Danso complains about being substituted

Kevin Danso was very pissed off! The defender had to leave the field prematurely, he injured himself in the 71st minute and was treated behind the gate.

Didn't want to go out!  For Danso (r.) It was over after 71 minutes

Didn’t want to go out! For Danso (r.) It was over after 71 minutesPhoto: picture alliance / Eibner-Presse

Uwe Rösler (51) did not hesitate long, sent Andre Hoffmann to the field for him – to Danso’s amazement. The Austrian scolded the bank: “For what?” And sauntered into the stands gesticulating wildly.

Rösler: “He can be treated while sitting on the floor for a long time. If he had been fit, he would have taken his position. “

► Danso’s right knee was then heavily bandaged. The diagnosis is still pending.


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