Turkey: The country is shocked by the gruesome murder of a journalism student

This murder moves Turkey!

A man (48) raped and strangled journalism student Azra Gülendam Haytaoğlu (21) in the province of Antalya and buried her dismembered body in a forest.

Particularly cruel: According to matching media reports, the killer is said to have carved his name into the body of the dead woman with a razor blade.

He is therefore the civil engineer and real estate agent Mustafa Murat Ayhan. He is said to have confessed to the brutal act. Allegedly, he and Haytaoğlu had drunk alcohol together, and then there was a “dispute,” he told investigators.

A surveillance camera filmed him leaving his house with a suitcase several times on the evening of the crime. Inside: the body parts. After his confession, he led the police to the forest where he had buried them.

Mustafa Murat Ayhan (48) made a confessionPhoto: https://twitter.com/DayanismaMor/status/1422159410420408329/photo/1

The student had been missing since last Wednesday. Around midnight, her sister had called her – after that, she could no longer be reached. Her body parts were not found until Monday.

After it became known, women’s rights groups called for demonstrations and criticized: “It is the male state and its misogynistic policies, the judiciary that protects the perpetrators and does not carry out effective investigations.”

Background: Turkey withdrew from the so-called Istanbul Convention in March. The agreement obliges states to outlaw physical and psychological violence against women and also to take action against genital mutilation, forced marriage and forced sterilization.

In the specific case, the women’s rights activists accuse the investigators of having located the student’s cell phone too late.

According to the organization “We will stop feminicide”, 300 women were killed by men close to them in the past year alone, and since the beginning of the year the organization has counted more than 140 acts.


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