TSV 1860 Munich: Daniel Bierofka: “I always stay a lion fan”

BILD: Mr. Bierofka, what has happened to you since you moved to Wacker Innsbruck in August 2020 after you left Löwen in November 2919?

Daniel Bierofka (41): “The family situation is particularly new. The wife and children are in Munich while I am in Innsbruck during the week. The separation is not easy. But it’s only 150 kilometers. I can always go home over the weekend. We are still convinced of the decision. For me, it’s something different to get out of Munich and face this experience. Thankfully, despite Corona, the borders are currently open, so that we can still do everything in these times. “

BILD: You look relaxed and fresh again …

Bierofka: “At sixty a lot came together. Especially after the promotion, when I had to do the football teacher in parallel to the 3rd division. I had practically no vacation for two and a half years. That was a mistake, I should have taken longer. An important finding from that time is that, despite all seriousness, you have to take some things more relaxed and as a coach you cannot influence everything. The battery was just empty. Even if that wasn’t the reason I quit. “

BILD: There should also have been offers from Germany. Why Wacker?

Bierofka: “That’s right, there were offers from Germany. But through my papa I knew the tradition of the Wacker Club, which is not unlike Sixty. I wanted to be able to develop a young team and myself. And: The way out of Austria’s 2nd division is not easy. After that, the way into international business is not that far. As a Bavarian, I also fit in well with Tyrol, after all I get along well with the foreign language (laughs). I don’t regret it for a second! “

BILD: Your team is in 6th place after a difficult start. Satisfied?

Bierofka: “After my first week we already had our first cup game. Normal preparation wasn’t. Then it always takes time for the coach and team to find each other. We got 13 points in the last five games, and in the cup we kept up with Sturm Graz for a long time. We are on the right path.”

BILD: Have you also developed as a trainer?

Bierofka: “The development as a trainer never stops, because experience is the greatest asset! For example, I collected them with a 4-0 draw against Linz. You get better at dealing with the team at such moments and recognizing changes that are due. I also sat in on Julian Nagelsmann’s in Leipzig before Corona and took a lot with me. In my eight free months I also reflected on my time at 1860 and learned from it. “

BILD: You are no longer a trainer, figurehead and mediator in one …

Bierofka: “I don’t do everything outside anymore. I can focus on the essentials and people do a lot for me. The fact that Wacker’s financial planning for the next three years has already been secured is also an unusual feeling (laughs). “

BILD: Does the promotion have to come this season?

Bierofka: “We gave ourselves two years for this. Wacker finished last season with 24 points behind Klagenfurt. You have to catch up on the cushion first, and then the club wants to establish itself in the first division. “

BILD: You haven’t completely lost sight of your 1860, have you?

Bierofka: “I always look at the results. The games don’t always because of our calendar. However, the interest will never die down. “

BILD: How about a double ascent from 1860 and Wacker?

Bierofka: “I would like it. I’m still a Leo fan, that will never change, it’s in my DNA! I wish the club the very best. “


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