True story of Duy Nhat, Yen Ly was coerced and lost the world Muay tournament

(Sports news, martial arts news) The rather shocking failures of Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat or Bui Yen Ly at the 2021 Muay World Championship in Thailand came from the rulings from the referee.

Duy Nhat’s shocking defeat against the French boxer at the 2021 Muay World Championship

The Vietnamese Muay team is facing a lot of disadvantages at the 2021 Muay World Championship in Thailand when continuously witnessing the golden hopes receiving a rather shocking defeat. Especially the 2 controversial defeats of the 7-time world champion Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat and the defending champion Bui Yen Ly in the opening match.

Duy Nhat (blue shirt) lost a narrow point despite playing slightly better in the first half and overwhelming in the third half.

Confronted with French boxer Florent Louis Joseph in the men’s 60kg weight class, Duy Nhat had a fair first round with his opponent. Muay Viet village’s “lonely and defeated” village scored with good turrets and elbows. Joseph also responded with effective footholds and arm combos. After the first half, there were 3 referees who gave Joseph 10-9, and 2 judges 10-9 for Duy Nhat.

The match in the second half continued to be very fierce and tense, but all 5 referees scored a 10-9 victory for the French boxer. This made Duy Nhat’s efforts in the last half meaningless and sadly received a final defeat with a score of 28-29 and was eliminated in the opening match.

The referee’s decision caused a lot of controversy when both the Vietnamese coaching staff and the fans thought that in the first half, it was Duy Nhat who deserved to win.

True story of Duy Nhat, Yen Ly was forced to die, shocked at the Muay World Championship - 3

The defending world champion Bui Yen Ly also received controversial results

Not stopping there, at the end of the competition day on December 7, the Vietnamese Muay team continued to receive another big shock when the reigning world champion in the women’s 51kg weight class Bui Yen Ly was suddenly eliminated before the host country boxer. Wansawang Srila Oo’s family was also in the opening match.

Like Duy Nhat, Yen Ly had a very fair first half with the opponent. She constantly caught her feet and countered with powerful punches. In the opposite direction, Wansawang scored with precise kicks. However, up to 4 referees scored a 10-9 win for the Thai boxer.

In the second half, Yen Ly increased the speed of the match. Alternating situations of knocking each other down from two boxers, Vietnamese athletes are better with very good counter-attacks. Worth mentioning, Yen Nhi was only awarded 2/5 by the referee in this round. That’s why, even though 3/5 judges won the final round, Yen Nhi still lost the final 28-29 to Wansawang and officially became the former king.

True story of Duy Nhat, Yen Ly was forced to die, shockingly losing the Muay World Championship - 4

The two golden hopes of Muay Vietnam were eliminated in the opening match

Commenting on the two unfortunate defeats of Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat and Bui Yen Ly, Mr. Giap Trung Thang – coach of the Muay Vietnam team said: “It is clear that in these two matches, it is the boxer of Vietnam who deserves to be the man. win. If Duy Nhat was pressed in the 1st round, Yen Nhi received incorrect results in the 2nd round. This is also a lesson for our boxers when they did not participate actively and strongly from the beginning.

This comes from the fact that the boxers have spent 2 years not being able to compete internationally because of the Covid epidemic. The lack of friction makes them not fully regain the feeling of playing, not keeping up with the pace, but their opponents are not strong,” added Mr. Thang.

Thus, by the end of the competition day on December 7, the Vietnamese Muay team had 5 boxers who had to stop, including: Dao Dai Hai (63.5 kg male), Ly Dieu Phuoc (48 kg male), Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat (60 kg male), Nguyen Thanh Tung (71 kg male) and Bui Yen Ly (51 kg female). However, we still have many opportunities to reap medals when there are still many strong representatives, such as Huynh Ha Huu Hieu, Le Hoang Duc, Nguyen Doan Long or Truong Quoc Hung.


(Sports news, martial arts news) “Lonely and defeated” Muay village in Vietnam Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat was suddenly eliminated in the match…

According to Le Phong (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)


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