Trucker Babes: Drama about Christin

Weimar – When Christin Rehn (28) drove her 40-ton truck on the autobahn, she always had a cheeky joke on her lips.

But now the tough truck lady has to shift down a huge gear. The “Trucker Babes” star has multiple sclerosis.

After eight years, she gets off the block forever. The mother of two received the shocking diagnosis in 2019. In BILD she spoke publicly for the first time about her new life with the incurable nervous disease.

The quick-witted blonde has been a trucker babe on Kabel1 since 2018 – now she took her name tag out of the driver’s cab of the 480 hp Mercedes.

Trucker Babe Chrissy clears out the cab

Photo: Steve Bauerschmidt

She couldn’t hold back the tears: “Driving was my life. It feels like losing a child.” She is practically left with nothing and has to apply for early retirement. Chrissy: “I still can’t believe it, the last few months have been hell for me.”

After paralysis on one side, she fought her way back from rehab and had to learn to walk again. When even the attempt at integration failed, she pulled the emergency brake: “Loading and unloading, knocking the chunks of ice off the truck in winter – none of that worked anymore.” She was in pain, constantly feeling numb and dizzy.

After an attack she has to take cortisone. Her husband Thomas (36), himself a truck driver, and her daughters Lina (6) and Maya (4) are Christin’s greatest support: “I fight for your sake, I try to get by without a wheelchair.”

In the 9th season of “Trucker Babes” (Sundays, 8:15 p.m.) the Thuringian can be seen for the last time.


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