Trial: Man rams a knife in the head of the suspected tormentor

Erfurt – The public prosecutor’s office is certain: On January 13th, Kai B. (24) stabbed his victim for low motives. Indictment: attempted murder!

The case has been heard by the regional court since Monday. The accused, now a prison churchgoer, spoke of self-defense.

The act happened around 8 p.m. on Herrenberg. Covered in blood, victim Jan N. (38) dragged himself into a REWE store. A four-inch blade stuck in his head just above his left ear. The point of the knife protruded visibly from behind.

Jan N. has a guardian angel, skull and brain were unharmed – scar and shock remain …

Victim and co-plaintiffJan N. in court

Photo: Johannes Krey

A week later, Kai B., who was known to the police, was arrested. His victim had previously threatened and insulted him for months, he said in court.

On the evening of the crime he was stoned when he met Jan N. The accused: “He reached out to strike, so I grabbed the knife.” But instead of hitting the arm as intended, he caught him in the head.

“Implausible”, said public prosecutor Martin Scheler the admission. “You aim at the right arm, but hit the left head?”

The process continues.


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