Trial in Zwickau: is this security guard a neo-Nazi? | Regional

Zwickau – Trial against a former security guard at the district court!

Christian L. (31) has had to answer here since Monday because he is said to have smeared his own apartment door, letter boxes, doorbell signs and cellar doors with swastikas and confused and aggressive texts 15 times. Curious: He always reported all acts from August to September 2019 to the police himself!

In this prefabricated building on Oberplanitzer Strasse in Zwickau, he is said to have smeared everything with swastikas for months


The officers finally became suspicious and installed a tiny surveillance camera opposite his rented apartment, which recorded everything – and is now supposed to convict the security man from Zwickau.

“The police no longer felt like coming around all the time,” said the prosecutor. “You have attention deficit disorder, you wanted to get attention with the police.”

Teaser picture

The remains of the graffiti can still be seen on his door


Christian L. about BILD: “I came to the home when I was 4 years old and often had to change foster families, and ended up in the home again. After that I lived on the street for a while. ”He has been living in a prefabricated building on Oberplanitzer Strasse for over 10 years.

Christian L. denies the allegations: “I am a person who wants to help the police,” he explains in court. And later he says to BILD: “Maybe it was my former boss whom I sued for 1400 euros still outstanding wages. Or the police get a bonus if they convict me. “

The video recordings are apparently not so clear that they can convict the former security guard.

The trial was adjourned after the judge found the false police officer to be a witness.


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