Trial in Bonn: torture murder for a pair of sneakers

Lohmar / Bonn – There was no place in the ten square meter room without blood. This is how a policewoman described her impressions of the crime scene in front of the Bonn district court: Since Monday, two Moroccans have had to answer for murder here.

Out of greed, Hassan G. (28) and Abdelhakim K. (29) are said to have tortured and finally killed the refugee Mehdi C. († 45) in the most cruel way last July.

Abdelhakim K. (29) testified that he could not remember the bloody details …

Photo: Mario Jüngling

According to the indictment, they are said to have handcuffed and tortured the man in his room in a municipal refugee facility in Lohmar for several hours. The autopsy of the North African revealed almost 200 skin lesions all over his body.

According to the prosecution, the two men hit him on the head with a metal table leg 20 times, including tearing an eyeball.

Teaser picture

Hassan G. (28) has been on trial since Monday for collective murder and aggravated robbery resulting in death

Photo: Mario Jüngling

An officer who secured the crime scene said in court, “It was torture. Someone was systematically harassed and finished off. “

According to the indictment, the men then left the crime scene with a pair of stolen Nike sneakers and a cell phone from the victim, who died shortly after of a traumatic brain injury.

Both defendants do not want to remember their cruel deeds, only that they met in Mehdi’s room and a dispute broke out.

After the crime, the drunk men ran back to their accommodation in Sankt Augustin, covered in blood. Witnesses saw them and called the police. The process continues.


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