Trial in Bochum: horror mother left daughter to a sex offender

Bochum – And something like this is called “mother”: A woman (51) is on trial in Bochum because she has her own daughter (then 18) anesthetized and left to a perverted man for sex games!

The incredible crime happened in January 2014. It remained undetected for years until police officers searched the apartment of the mail carrier Michael H. (55) in Datteln. There they found video recordings that documented the abuse of eleven women and girls.

The sex offender has now been sentenced to 11.5 years in prison and preventive detention.

The public prosecutor accuses his chat acquaintance Christina W. from Anröchte of dangerous bodily harm and serious sexual assault. The plump woman with blonde hair appeared on Friday all in black for her trial.

She heard the accusation almost motionless: After two first sex dates, the trained seamstress is said to have brought her daughter to Michael H.’s apartment in January 2014. “According to a joint crime plan, she dissolved three sleeping pills in a cup of coffee,” said the prosecutor. The divorced mother of three children is said to have administered further narcotics to her daughter in the bedroom.

Then she undressed the young woman according to the indictment and, together with her acquaintance, went on the defenseless victim! Another act occurred days later.

Serial rapist Michael H. (55) was sentenced to 11.5 years in prison and preventive detention in 2020Photo: private

Christina W. essentially admitted the act, but claims to have administered fewer pills.

When she described her situation in life, it turned out that the daughter was still living with her in the 80 square meter apartment, and the mother (who moved into Hartz IV) even provided financial support over and over again!

Then the serial rapist (who is in prison in Bochum) had to take the stand. According to him, the initiative to abuse the 18-year-olds came from the defendant. “When I told her that I was actually into younger women, she showed me photos of her daughter. I was thrilled, “said Michael H ..

Did the mother want revenge on her daughter?

When Christina W. made her daughter compliant with alcohol at a third meeting at home and wanted to leave it to him again, he ended the relationship. “She said her daughter accused her ex of abuse. It was then clear to me that it was all an act of revenge and that she actually didn’t want to have sex with her, ”the witness reported. Apparently Christina W. wanted to punish her daughter for the allegations of abuse at the time.

H. had cashed six years for the now accused alone. Christina W. also faces a prison sentence of several years. The victim wants to testify on the next day of the trial.


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