Trial: Halle’s drug lords were exposed via “Encrochat”


Hall – It’s about coke, Kalashnikovs and a murder date …

The drug trial of the year starts on August 16 in the high-security hall of the Halle Justice Center. In the dock: Halle entrepreneur Andreas H. (41) and his accomplices, business people Julia (36) and Felix W. (37). The mammoth process is scheduled to run until 2022.

The gang is said to have distributed at least 22 kilos of cocaine and over 100 kilos of marijuana across Europe from November 2019 until their arrest in November 2020.

Michael Klocke (56) from the LKA with the drugs that were confiscated in November 2020

Photo: Peter Gercke

The people of Halle were blown when investigators cracked the messenger service “Encrochat”, which had long been considered absolutely safe in criminal circles.

In a major raid in November 2020 in Halle, officials came across 120 kilos of drugs, luxury cars, 200,000 euros in cash and weapons. According to BILD information, these are two AK-47 “Kalashnikov” assault rifles. Felix W. is therefore also charged with a violation of the War Weapons Control Act.

Andreas H. is also accused of arranging a murder. A person familiar with the processes told BILD: “It was about a drug deal that had crashed worth over half a million euros. For this Andreas wanted to return the favor, the opponent should be shot. “

Two of the network’s couriers had already been sentenced to long prison terms by the regional court in June. The Spaniards had turned down a deal with the prosecutor.


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