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My kitchen cabinets are all mdf wood covered with melamine but still attacked by termites. My house dug the foundation and built its own wall, I don’t understand where the termite nest comes from? Consult an architect.

Reader: Phuong Hoa

Vietnam’s climate is tropical monsoon plus the kitchen area has high humidity, creating favorable conditions for termites to grow and develop. Not only that, kitchen cabinets are often made from wood, which is the main source of food for termites to grow.

If not treated, termites can spread to the furniture in the house. Illustration:

According to architect Truong Thanh Trung (Architectural and interior design consulting company T&T), the foundation and then building a separate wall, if not handled from the beginning, the appearance of termites in the house is entirely possible.

To ensure the complete anti-termite, it is necessary to pay attention from the time of manicure. In particular, the method of digging trenches against termites is considered to be the most effective plan.

Accordingly, create a barrier layer by digging trenches in front of and in the foundation so that there is no space for termites to eat. The fence is 50cm wide, 60-80cm deep depending on the construction area. If the soil is porous, the trench must be 80cm deep. Each m3 of excavated soil is mixed with 12-14kg of PMs-100 (powdered termiticide) or other drugs with equivalent effects and then filled. Before filling, the outer trench wall is lined with a layer of nylon. After filling, the floor is tiled or poured with concrete and finished.

Note: Termites can eat through low grade mortar but cannot eat through high grade mortar or concrete. Low grade mortar is used less cement or only lime to mix with sand, while high grade mortar is mixed with more cement or may add additives.

In addition, the kitchen cabinets before installation need to be treated against termites from the factory. Choosing good wood products is also an effective way to prevent termites.

Before assembling kitchen cabinets, you should pay attention to the following:

– Check all locations of water pipes, electrical lines, wall positions around the location of kitchen cabinets, toilets to see if there are any abnormalities related to signs of termites appearing or not. Always make sure the kitchen area is dry and clean.

– Winged termite season (April-June), at this time termites divide the nest to create many different termite nests. Winged termites are formed by old worker termites, they often find crevices in the wood, so you need to pay attention to cleaning these areas. Can use kerosene, alcohol 90 degrees to clean wooden surfaces. Essential oils containing the compound D-limonene also work to kill termites without harming human health.

– If termites appear in your home, you need to ask for the intervention of professional and reputable anti-termite units for definitive treatment. Otherwise, termites will eat all other furniture.

Note: When detecting a termite nest, you need to leave it as it is and report it to the termite treatment unit. Do not arbitrarily intervene because passive termites will move to other locations that you cannot know.

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