Traveloka contributes to building flood-proof houses

In order to contribute to helping people rebuild safe and sustainable lives after floods, Traveloka Vietnam join hands with the Living Fund, the Flood Protection House program to help people build safe houses through the program “High roof , send flood domain “.

Specifically, from November 2 to November 15, Traveloka Vietnam will deduct VND 10,000 per flight booking to contribute to the Flood Protection House program implemented by the Living Fund.

A solid house with flood and storm resistance is a factor to help people have a safe life in the rainy season. The Flood Protection House is a community development program under the Living Fund initiated in 2013 with the aim of supporting the construction of safe houses for disadvantaged households, helping to rebuild a sustainable life after the flood season. The program will support beneficiaries to build their own house, in particular, people will design and contribute 50% of their efforts to the value of the house.

The buoy house in Tan Hoa (Quang Binh) has come into play in the last flood. Image: Living Fund.

The Flood Protection Housing program has developed 9 models of safe houses that adapt to many types of natural disasters, especially flood types such as mud flood, tube flood, flash flood, flooding, river flood and some types of flood. other specials. For example, a buoy house is characterized by the way the water rises, the house will go there, so people can store food and important furniture and evacuate the whole family here when the water starts to rise.

The floating house features water to where the house rises.

The floating house features water to where the house rises. Image: Living Fund.

During the recent flood and flood in the Central region, most of the households supported by the Anti-Flood House previously were safe and can actively respond. Upon hearing the news of the storm, people will often buy food to reserve, move important furniture and livestock and poultry to guard against floods (if it is a house with a foundation, a watch house); reinforcing the buoy house, so the loss of life and property is minimized.

Statistics house has a flexible background.

Flexible millet background. Image: Living Fund.

Desiring to contribute to bringing sustainable values ​​to people, Traveloka Vietnam accompanies with the Living Fund to support the construction of safe houses for flood-affected households, towards the formation of safe villages for Residential communities are being affected by natural disasters and climate change.

Traveloka supports the flood-proof housing program

“Every time the flood comes, life will be more miserable, but most people want to stick with their homeland, they do not want to move elsewhere. Then I will rebuild their own house that collapsed. But the house is resistant to floods and storms, “said Ms. Jang Keu – the founder of the Flood Control project.

The Living Foundation is a non-profit social fund that aims to help build happy communities, towards a harmonious and sustainable life between people, nature and local culture. The Flood Protection House program implemented by the Living Fund has brought into play its effects in the last flood, helping people to limit damage to people and property.

Thao Trang
To update information and photos of the program, you can follow the Anti-Flood House fanpage and Traveloka Vietnam fanpage. Detailed program information here.


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