Trapped in the form of an 8-year-old girl

Brain cancer since the age of 8 has caused Shauna Rae’s body to almost stop growing for the past 14 years.

At the age of six months, Shauna Rae, was diagnosed with brain cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy. She was saved, but the disease destroyed the pituitary gland, causing Shauna’s body to grow very slowly. Currently, at the age of 22, Rae is only 1.17 meters tall, equivalent to the average height of an 8-year-old girl.

To date, there is no convincing evidence that chemotherapy will cause serious deformity of the pituitary gland, but during treatment can still cause endocrine problems in the patient.

Strongly conquers illness, but Sae always longs to be treated like an adult.

Shauna Rae, 22 years old, possesses the appearance of an 8-year-old child. Photo: TLC

“At first glance you’ll think I’m an ordinary girl, living in a happy family,” Sae said in the trailer for the new documentary titled I Am Shauna Rae (I’m Shauna Rae). “But the truth is I’m a 22-year-old girl, trapped in the body of an eight-year-old child,” she said, adding that although she did not develop physically, she was still cognitive and intellectually developed. adults.

The Shauna documentary, set to premiere on January 11, 2022, tells the story of a girl’s daily struggles who strive to be treated like a normal person. Even activities such as going to a bar, getting a tattoo or dating are obstacles that Shauna is difficult to overcome.

Shauna Rae is only 1.17 m tall taking pictures with her mother.  Photo: TLC

Shauna Rae is only 1.17 m tall taking pictures with her mother. Photo: TLC

But Shauna’s story is not unique. A few years ago, media reported on Zhu Shengkai, a 34-year-old man who suffered a head injury as a child and was trapped in the body of a 10-year-old child. Then there is Tomislav Jurčec, 23 years old, who suffers from pituitary and river problems in the form of a 12-year-old child.

Minh Phuong (According to Odditycentral, Dailymail)


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