Transforming gymnastics into dancing, female athletes receive unexpected results

Wednesday, January 27, 2021 19:09 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, behind-the-scenes news) Turning art into a dance floor, female athletes cause fever with fans.

Video of the wonderful performance of the 21-year-old female athlete

In March 2019, female gymnast Katelyn Ohashi made the world gymnast village admire her rare performance. Still using the usual acrobatic techniques, but this girl mixes movements like dancing, making the performance more attractive and vibrant. The results for Ohashi’s strange performance are the absolute scores from the judges.

Nia Dennis is honored as the new queen of American gymnastics after a great show

Ohashi pioneered and created a trend for gymnastics. Recently, at a similar competition for athletes attending universities in the US have a similar performance. Nia Dennis is like the new queen of gymnastics after a great show.

Inspired by the trend “Black Excellence” (roughly translated: the excellence of black people), the 21-year-old girl makes the audience unable to take their eyes off when dancing art with songs by Beyonce, Missy Elliott, Soulja Boy, Megan Thee Stallion …

Dennis told the Los Angeles Daily News after he finished the test: “I incorporate cultures in my performance. I want to turn it into a dance party, what I show is my personality, is. my self”.

The 21-year-old girl’s performance received a lot of praise, former US gymnastics queen Simone Biles said on Twitter: “Amazing girl. It’s fun to see this show, let’s continue. Show your passion, little girl “.

ESPN host Katie Nolan commented: “Gymnastics now looks a lot more fun than when I was a child. I got into aerobics because I didn’t feel gymnastics wouldn’t allow it. People dance. But things might be different now. ”

After a unique, strange performance, Nia Dennis won absolute points from the audience and won the championship.

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Overwhelmed with the beauty of

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