Tran Cao Cam Tien: The female champion’s tremendous academic achievement in Taekwondo

Wednesday, February 24, 2021 14:00 PM (GMT + 7)

Not only excelling on the ring, Taekwondo champion Tran Cao Cam Tien also showed how good he was in his academic path. Diligence, diligence, and hard work helped her achieve impressive achievements that not everyone can do.

“Their children” in the martial arts village

It is very normal if Cam Tien misses the call of her friends and relatives during the day. Because one day of Cam Tien is extremely busy. She is a visiting lecturer in Taekwondo at Ton Duc Thang University. And yet, Cam Tien is also a Teacher of Physical Education for primary school students of Vietnam – Finland International School and participates in martial arts teaching program at Tran Dai Nghia High School.

Cam Tien won gold medal for female teammates at the 2019 Southeast Asia Taekwondo Championship

In addition, she said that next year, she will endeavor to maintain and develop her studies and practice, try to get an IELTS degree as well as be able to study for a doctoral student after graduating from a master’s degree. The female boxer wishes to be able to apply her knowledge to help the development of the team in particular, and in general Taekwondo.

The “son of a family” of the martial art village claims to be a person who likes to learn. Cam Tien believes that there is no success on silk velvet, but it must come from hard work and sacrifice: “Other friends after finishing school can go out, but at that time I went to practice. When I finish training at home, I will try to finish the exercises. At the end of tournaments or training trips, I will make up for the break so I don’t lose knowledge ”.

Master in time distribution

So busy with studying, Cam Tien still has a reasonable time to live with her passion for Taekwondo, which has been attached to her since the age of 10. She shared: “Due to the translation of Covid-19, foreign professors and doctors cannot come to Vietnam. Even so, we are still arranged to study online to try to ensure progress. Thanks to that, in the morning, I can teach at both universities and high schools. At night, I spend time practicing Taekwondo “.

Tran Cao Cam Tien: Outstanding achievement of female Taekwondo champion - 2

In 2020, Cam Tien also won the gold medal for the national women’s team championship

So busy, Cam Tien still ensures good results in Taekwondo. Last December, she won the Silver medal in the Women’s National Championship. Before that, Cam Tien also won the city gold medal in the local tournament. With Cam Tien, the goal in 2021 is to be able to win a gold medal in Southeast Asia with Taekwondo.

Tran Cao Cam Tien: Outstanding achievement of female Taekwondo champion - 3

Cam Tien spends a lot of time investing in her studies. She is preparing for her doctoral program

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Maintaining a scientific biological rhythm, reasonable time allocation and healthy use of nutritional products help Cam Tien in martial arts but achieve the success that many athletes dream of.

Healthy nutrition, ready to go

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