Training allowed due to the loosening of the lockdown: Finally football again!

Dillingen – They were not allowed to play for 134 days! In lockdown, team sports were forbidden among amateurs and young people. But now the U12 boys from the JSG Stadt Dillingen are finally back on the pitch!

“It is an enormous joy for all of us,” enthuses youth coach Marco Mastrosimone (34). “Although you have made an appointment to run with one or the other, we haven’t trained in the group for a long time.”

Up to ten players are allowed on the field during training

Photo: Andreas Schlichter

Of course, there are still restrictions: You can train with a maximum of ten people. You can only enter the square with a mask. This is only removed at the start of the training. Since the distance rules still apply, correct matches are prohibited. “Instead there is goal shooting, running or dribbling training.”

For mastrosimones, it is particularly important that young people in particular are allowed to do sports again. “I had sent some training plans so they could practice at home. But alone at that age one quickly loses desire. And not everyone has a garden in which you can play football with a family member. “

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Rami during goalkeeper training

Photo: Andreas Schlichter

Of course, the lack of training is also noticeable physically. “You definitely notice that the level of performance has deteriorated. Above all in terms of stamina and ball control. “

The boys also notice that running is more difficult. “Although I have moved a lot, I notice that I have less stamina,” says Joshua (11). And Marcel (12) admits: “A long run is okay. But the strength decreases faster. “

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Coach Marco Mastrosimone disinfects the balls

Photo: Andreas Schlichter

Nevertheless, everyone had fun. “It was really nice to finally see his team-mates again and to play football together,” enthuses Eliano (11). “My greatest wish is to finally be able to play real games again.”

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