Tragic accident in Mexico: coach crashes into house – 19 dead!

Terrible pictures from Mexico …

A completely destroyed coach stands in front of the broken facade of a residential building. The vehicle crashed into the house on Friday in the small town of San José el Guarda, about 100 kilometers southwest of Mexico City.

19 people were killed and around 30 injured in the accident. Many are children among the injured victims.

According to initial findings, a technical error was the cause of the accident; according to the authorities, the bus’s brakes failed.

The coach was on the way from the neighboring state of Michoacán to a Catholic pilgrimage site in Chalma. Mostly pilgrims sat in the vehicle.

Rescue workers try to rescue the victims together with local residentsPhoto: LUIS CORTES / REUTERS

Alfredo del Mazo, governor of the state, said on his Twitter account that the state rescue workers would take care of the injured. Members of the fire brigade and the general coordination for disaster control were at the scene of the accident.


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