Tragedy on the A 46 near Jüchen: two dead in a wrong-way driver crash

Tragedy on the A 46 near Jüchen

Two dead in wrong-way crash

Juechen (NRW) – The gray car is completely shredded, not even recognizable as a Ford. Debris is spread all over the highway, the second car is also completely demolished at the crash barrier. A wrong-way driver drove into oncoming traffic with a VW Passat on the A 46 early on Sunday morning and crashed head-on into the Ford. Both drivers died.

The tragic accident happened around 3:50 a.m. between the Jüchen junction and the Mönchengladbach-Holz motorway junction. The Ford driver (39) from Übach-Palenberg was unsuspectingly heading towards Heinsberg when suddenly a 26-year-old from Baesweiler came towards him in a VW Passat.

The cars crashed head-on into each other with full force. Debris flew, an engine block remained on the road.

The engine block of one of the accident wrecks lies on the road. A hearse is in the background

Photo: Patrick Schuller

Only the drivers were in both cars, both were injured so badly in the accident that they died on the spot.

An accident recording team from the Düsseldorf police secured extensive traces in the approximately 200-meter-wide debris field, also using a helicopter. The accident site is expected to remain closed until midday in the direction of Heinsberg.

Even the black station wagon no longer has a front.  Debris is scattered all over the highway

Even the dark brown station wagon no longer has a front. Debris is scattered all over the highway

Photo: Patrick Schuller

The cause of the terrible crash is still completely unclear. The investigation will also check whether the driver involved in the accident could have been under the influence of alcohol.

According to initial findings, the 26-year-old wrong-way driver was already on the A 44 on the opposite lane. At the Mönchengladbach-Holz motorway junction, staying in the wrong lane, he switched to the A 46. There he met the Ford.


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