Tragedy in Spain – girl (8) dies after a bouncy castle accident

Valencia, Spain) – It should be great fun for the little ones. Then a strong wind came up – and triggered a tragedy. Now a small community in Spain is in shock.

Mislata, a suburb of Valencia. There is a fun fair, and even a bouncy castle has been built. Around a dozen children raged around on Tuesday evening, as reported in the media. Then suddenly the wind picks up – and blows the castle into the air! The terrible result: several children fall from a height of several meters into the depths.

Nine of the little fair visitors came to the hospital, some seriously injured. One girl (8) suffered such severe head injuries that she died in the clinic.

Helpers examine the bouncy castle after the accident Photo: Bombers Consorci VLC / Twitter

Another child is still being treated. The other seven victims have since been released. The police are investigating.

The congregation ordered official mourning for three days. All festivities in the next few days have been canceled. Mayor Carlos Fernández Bielsa: “There are no comforting words, a real drama. A very sad day for Mislata. “

Officials are now investigating the incident and the question of whether there were structural defects or irregularities in the anchoring in the ground, reports “ABC”.

A similar incident occurred in Australia just under three weeks ago. A gust swept over a festival at a primary school near Devonport, Tasmania. According to the police, they caught a bouncy castle, the play equipment is said to have raised up to ten meters, girls and boys rushed out. Six children died.


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