Traffic chaos in Winterberg: “Never seen anything like it”

Winterberg – After the park and traffic chaos on the weekend, Winterberg’s Mayor Michael Beckmann expressed himself in a video on Facebook.

Beckmann (CDU) said he was out and about in the city and was annoyed that the city was so full. After the weather forecast predicted snow for the region, it was clear to him that many people would go to Winterberg. But he himself would never have seen such traffic in his city.

The Corona Protection Ordinance allows day trips, Beckmann can also understand that many people long for a nice job during the lockdown.

The police and the public order office were on duty for 48 hours to control the flow of visitors and to prevent parking errors. However, it was impossible to send law enforcement officers to any place at any time.

The events of the weekend would be followed up to see what could be improved in the future, said the mayor.

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