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  • Coarse crabs and rinse several times with clean water to remove dirt. The next part, use the tip of a small spoon to pick up the bricks to set aside. If more careful, rinse with cold water a few times, filter and keep the bricks to reduce the fishy and black smell from the bricks (if any).

  • The crab body is put in a mortar with a little salt, pounded with a pestle. The addition of salt helps the protein in crab meat to be better adhered, when cooked, it will create a foundation. After that, add a small amount of water to filter, then pound and filter many times to get all the crab meat. Do not use a sieve because the crab meat will stick to the sieve.

  • How to cook crab in blocks: Turn on the stove to cook the crab meat, use chopsticks (or ladle) to gently stir in a circular direction to help the crabs rise up, not sticking to the bottom of the pot. Stir continuously and evenly until the crab meat floats out, the water is clear, then stop and lower the heat, take out the bowl.

  • Sauté dried onions, put crab bricks in the pot, add a little fish sauce, seasoning seeds, then turn off the stove, scoop out and set aside.

  • The crab meat is put in a bowl, squeezed out the juice will help to make a beautiful foundation.

  • Tomatoes with 2 slits, put in a pot of boiling water, take out, soak in cold water, peel off the skin, and mince finely. The remaining 1 fruit is cut into areca slices, set aside.

  • Sauté dried onions with lard, add tomatoes to sauté, add a little salt and fish sauce to make the tomatoes soft and quick.

  • To make the broth more naturally sweet, you should boil more pork bones and then filter the water.

  • Put the pork bone broth into the pot of crab broth. Add soft cooked tomatoes on top and yellow crab bricks to create a natural color for the broth. Add the sliced ​​tomatoes to cook and then season with fish sauce, salt, and seasoning to taste. Finally, add vinegar to create a mild sour taste for the broth.

  • Sauté dried onion with lard, add dried chili peppers to the pot, season with a little salt to taste, turn off the heat, scoop out and set aside.

  • Presentation and enjoyment: Pour vermicelli through hot water, place in a bowl, scoop out crab meat, add finely chopped scallions, then pour hot crab broth, sprinkle some fried onions and enjoy hot. When eating, add a little shrimp paste (depending on taste) for a light aroma, eat with chili and chopped raw vegetables.

  • Finished product requirements: Crab meat is packed into blocks, the broth has a distinctive aroma of field crab, the natural red scum color from tomatoes and crab bricks, a very attractive mild sour taste.

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