Toxic substance in death house: investigation into father of dead children

Aschaffenburg (Bavaria) – After the discovery of two children’s corpses in Karlstein (Lower Franconia), the Aschaffenburg public prosecutor’s office is investigating the father (49) for negligent homicide!

Special forces had been able to prove hydrogen phosphide during a renewed examination in the house. This was announced by the police headquarters in Lower Franconia and the public prosecutor’s office in Aschaffenburg on Thursday.

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The boy (4) had dialed the emergency call on Monday morning, but the emergency doctor could only determine the death of the child and his sister (5).

After the autopsy of the corpses, an expert from the Bavarian LKA and the Analytical Task Force (ATF) of the Mannheim professional fire brigade were again in the house of the dead children. During measurements in the building, the experts found phosphine – the substance is highly toxic, contact in closed rooms can lead to poisoning.

Use at the house on Hanauer Landstraße in Karlstein am Main

Photo: News5

Handyman work with pesticides

According to the public prosecutor’s office, the father of the dead admitted in his interrogation that he “used pesticides inside the house for craftsman’s work”.

According to the investigators, “due to the possible improper use of this agent, during these works, a chemical reaction in the form of the release of phosphine occurred.” That is why the father, who is injured in the hospital, is now being investigated in two cases on suspicion of negligent homicide.

Whether the chemical reaction actually killed the children has yet to be determined. Senior Public Prosecutor Monika Schramm: “In addition to the result of the toxicological examination by forensic medicine, the exact determination of the agent used is also pending.”


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