Towards the end of teleconsultations covered 100% by Health Insurance

Posted Sep 18, 2022, 4:00 PM

This is a page that is about to turn for doctors and their patients. At the end of the month, the exceptional scheme for the payment of teleconsultations put in place at the start of the Covid-19 crisis must be stopped.

The end of this scheme means that teleconsultations will no longer be fully reimbursed by Social Security. The fraction of the invoice remaining theoretically payable by the patient may be paid by his complementary health insurance.

The full reimbursement of teleconsultations by Health Insurance was recorded at the start of the pandemic to support the development of remote consultations when the French were confined. The idea was that doctors would not have to immediately manage the implementation of a remote invoicing and payment system since everything was paid for by Social Security.

Renewals over the months

Over the months, this exceptional regime has been renewed while the use of teleconsultations, which took off with the crisis, has gradually become entrenched in mores. At the end of the year, the government extended the system until the summer, arguing that this would make it possible to “facilitate the use of care” in a “context of epidemic resumption”.

This decision has bristled health insurers who want to have their place in the financing of French care expenses alongside Health Insurance. In their eyes, the derogatory system is a source of “confusion” for the insured and is not useful because patients and professionals did not encounter any particular difficulties in the normal billing system.

At the start of the summer, there was a new twist: the emergency doctor François Braun, who later became Minister of Health, recommended, as part of his mission on the crisis in the emergency services, to still maintain this complete care by the Health Insurance. Despite the cost of the device, the government proved him right by maintaining it until September 30.

Towards an eighth wave

However, the fall must indeed mark a return to normal, according to several sources. Especially since the Health Insurance pleads, moreover, to further regulate teleconsultations, in particular by prohibiting abusive work stoppages and by encouraging the use of the attending physician.

In the office of the Minister of Health, however, it is recalled that the measures adopted within the framework of the mission on emergencies are subject to an evaluation by the General Inspectorate of Social Affairs (IGAS). The government has an interest in being extra careful at a time when an eighth wave of Covid-19 is looming in France.

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