Tourists celebrate a year of Corona from their hearts: Pent-up demand at Ballermann!

After more than a year of pandemic, tourists want to finally have fun again, forget the pandemic and their worries. On the Germans’ favorite vacation island, they celebrate Corona from their hearts: Ole, ole and hola hola – there is a lot of catching up to do on Ballermann.

Like in the old days! There’s a lot going on on the beach of El Arenal in Mallorca Photo: Star Press / Kay Kirchwitz

But it may not be long: next Sunday, Spain and thus Mallorca could again be classified as a high incidence area.

Full bars, party on the beach

That’s why the tourists are now really stepping on the gas, as BILD reporter Nelly Kühn has found: “The bars are jam-packed, and the party-goers are having fun on the beach. Mega-Park and Upper Bavaria are closed, but Schinkenstrasse is open. ”

Tourists close to the Ballermann

Tourists close to the BallermannPhoto: Star Press / Kay Kirchwitz

Queuing in front of the

Queuing in front of the “Beer King” on MallorcaPhoto: BILD

Whoever wanted to go to the “Bierkönig”, above all, needed patience: those willing to party had to wait around an hour there. Visitor numbers are also limited and guest registration is mandatory. When you come in, the following applies: wear a mask, it can be removed at the table.

For many, however, the fun begins outside – with a good mood and a crackling atmosphere: “Many partiers were already flirting in the queue,” says the reporter. Masks and distance – not an issue!

Actually understandable: “People want to celebrate because it was missing. Especially the teenagers who suffered a lot. The 16 to 20 year olds want to catch up on the partying. “

Even in front of the club, the partygoers celebrate a year of Corona from their hearts

Even before the club, the partygoers celebrate a year of Corona from their hearts Photo: BILD

“Super cool, partying is also possible under Corona conditions,” say Phil Elsing, a student from North Rhine-Westphalia, and his friend, locksmith trainee Jarno Timorsche (both 18). Both are vaccinated once. “We always kept our distance and observed the corona rules.”

The weather: great! Plenty of sun, temperatures up to 35 degrees – and you can splash around in the 26 degree warm water.

Turquoise blue water, sun, a light breeze - finally swimming in the Mediterranean again

Turquoise blue water, sun, a light breeze – finally swimming in the Mediterranean again Photo: Star Press / Kay Kirchwitz

Rising incidences – is a new party brake coming?

How long will this fun last – or will the dream of a Malle vacation soon burst again?

Spain has been a risk area since July 11th – due to ever increasing numbers, the RKI and the Foreign Office could even classify the popular holiday destination as a high incidence area next weekend – party brakes in the middle of the summer holiday season!

And the latest Corona numbers do not bode well, because they are rising again. According to the Spanish Ministry of Health, the number of new infections in Mallorca per 100,000 inhabitants was 335 cases on Tuesday evening. The previous day the value was 310, but last Friday it was 270.

The bars close at 1 a.m. – curfew! Because in the past few days people have always flocked to the Ballermann 6 beach section or into the parks to continue celebrating there, the government plans to shoot them from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. in the future.


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