Torture murder in Paraguay: police crack the victim’s safe

Does a safe solve the mystery of the torture murder of Paraguay?

Asuncion – The German scientist Bernard von Bredow (62) was tortured and shot in Paraguay, as was his daughter Loreena (14).

The investigators believe that the key to solving the mysterious double murder could lie in the massive safe that von Bredow had hidden in an overseas container on his property near the capital Asuncion. The murderers hadn’t managed to open the safe.

Because nobody knows where the key is, the police had the safe broken into.

A specialist breaks into the victim’s safePhoto: Ministerio Público / Facebook

With a cutting torch and welding machine, specialists got to work on the scene. Prosecutor Sandra Ledesma had previously told BILD that she believed that the vault contained certificates of authenticity for antique violins that the killers were after.

Investigators had found four such instruments in the house of Volker G. (58), the best friend of the murdered von Bredow.

According to BILD information, the investigators found seven other string instruments in the large safe, apparently of great value. Plus personal documents – and papers that could actually be certificates of authenticity. Which instruments they belong to has yet to be clarified.

Volker G. is in custody and asserts his innocence to BILD: “The allegations are fabricated. Bernard was my friend. After the crime, his family asked me to take valuable instruments from the unsecured house into my care. That’s why the violins were with me. ”

In addition, he had an alibi for the time of the crime: He had been to his hacienda in northern Paraguay, which ten witnesses and a toll ticket could prove.

The suspect Volker G. (58) at the grave of von Bredows

The suspect Volker G. (58) at the grave of von BredowsPhoto: Kai Philipp Lichterbeck

Stephen M. (51) and Yves S. (60), whom the public prosecutor and Volker G. accuse of a murder plot and who are also in custody, deny any involvement in the bloody act.

Certificates, as the police suspect in the vault, would have been lying around openly all over the von Bredows house after the double murder.

The authorities are now apparently receiving international help in their investigations: According to local media, an official from the BKA is said to have traveled to Paraguay to support the local police.


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