Torture, murder, blackmail – the rise of the Chechen mafia

A man from Kiel is considered Germany’s most powerful godfather. One of the closest followers of the Chechen dictator Ramzan Kadyrov.

Security authorities have been watching him closely for years: Timur Dugazaev (39). Ex-martial artist, boxing promoter and even CDU member. Outwardly, Dugazaev appears to be a democrat, but the Chechen world has a dark side. He is the official representative of Kadyrov in Europe. He is supposed to threaten and harass opponents of the regime.

Benjamin Jendro, spokesman for the police union on BILD: “Chechens increasingly want a piece of the pie. They do not shy away from serious crimes. “

The system of the Chechen mafia and its helpers leaves a bloody trail: assassinations, assassinations, torture – from Chechnya to Europe. The autonomous republic from the Caucasus is the starting point for brutal and criminal machinations. The victims: mostly Chechen dissidents.

Photo: Federico Gomitolo

The regime critic Zelim (30) has lived in exile in Berlin since 2016. The man spent five years in prison in the republic’s capital, Grozny, and was brutally tortured by Kadyrov’s people. “I was shocked with electric batons every day for five years. They beat me with cables and clubs. “

His mission: He wants to expose the machinations of the Mafia and the regime.

Mansur received police protection for five years. And he is still on the Chechen Mafia death list: “I’m used to the fact that I can die at any moment.”


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