Too strong wind: Launch of the SpaceX rocket to the ISS postponed

Elon Musk (49) and his space groupies have to be patient.

The launch of a manned SpaceX rocket to the International Space Station, planned for Saturday, has been delayed. The start of the mission was postponed to Sunday due to strong winds, as the US space agency Nasa announced on Friday.

The rocket is now scheduled to launch on Sunday evening (Monday, 1:27 a.m. CET) from the Kennedy Space Center in the direction of the ISS. There will be three NASA astronauts and one Japanese on board the “Crew Dragon” capsule. Six months after its historic flight to the ISS, the US company SpaceX from Tesla founder Elon Musk wants to send a manned rocket into space for the first time on a six-month routine mission.

In the past few years, US astronauts have relied on Russian rockets to get to the ISS. Nasa stopped its shuttle program nine years ago because of high costs and after two accidents.

In order to regain independence from Russia, the US government under Donald Trump’s (74) predecessor Barack Obama (59) commissioned SpaceX and the aviation giant Boeing to build space shuttles. The “Starliner” capsule from Boeing is still in the test phase and, as expected, will not be ready before next year.

For SpaceX, the now planned space flight is therefore also an opportunity to position itself as the US market leader in space travel. At the end of May, the company successfully sent two US astronauts on a two-month mission to the ISS for the first time


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