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Many people give up their favorite jobs and future plans because of unforeseen uncertainties such as health problems, financial constraints, etc.

Enthusiastic about sports, spending her youth to pursue boxing, Thanh Nhat (living in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City) should have enjoyed the feeling of being on the ring, conquering new heights with the set. thorny subject day. However, a sudden injury to his shoulder forced him to retreat back to the ring, temporarily putting aside his passion.

Thu Quynh (living in Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City), an office girl who always dreams of being the “small owner” of a lovely smoothie shop, has decided to use her savings to open a shop. The epidemic lasted for a long time, the financial burden made Quynh exhausted, so she had to change her dream.

Nhat and Quynh are just two of many people who have to temporarily abandon their enthusiastic plans and plans because of unforeseen risks, be it a sudden accident, Covid-19, or many other barriers. in life. Risks and uncertainties are “variables”, but tomorrow will not disappear, ambition will not stop if today you are well prepared and persistently pursue your dreams. To spread this message, Generali Vietnam – the inspirational brand (according to the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards) has just opened “Tomorrow’s Market” on the social networking platform Facebook with many thoughtful items and stories, the meaning behind it.

Each item in this market contains unfinished stories of tomorrow, leaving open feelings and sending hopes. For example, the speaker witnessed the youth living to the fullest with the music of a street dancer, the drill carried the pride of a passionate jeweler. Buyers of “tomorrow” on the market not only receive their favorite items, but also feel a lot of affection and hope for an ambition that will continue. So that each item is picked up as a passion to find a new future, each shipment is a “companion”.

The items are waiting for a new owner, promising to write together tomorrow full of interesting experiences

The items are waiting for a new owner, promising to write together tomorrow full of interesting experiences. Photo: Capture from the screen

A representative of Generali Vietnam shared that, in the face of the fact that there are many “unfinished dreams”, especially in the context of complicated epidemic developments, the market is a bridge connecting so that regrets can be partially erased. soften. Together, we can color hope for a brighter tomorrow. The market opens with the hope of becoming a valuable source of spiritual motivation so that tomorrows and dreams that seemed to have to stop will be written again. Success is just temporarily postponed waiting for us to adjust, turn the way, be better prepared so that tomorrow will always come with many new opportunities.

“Tomorrow’s market” is a part of the campaign “Let tomorrow always come” implemented by Generali Vietnam Life Insurance Company with the aim of spreading positive messages and towards a satisfying life. happy.

We can’t choose whether tomorrow is a sunny day or a rainy day, but we can choose whether to expect it to be bright or dark. Prepare today, let tomorrow always come. “Tomorrow’s market” opens an opportunity for each dream to continue the journey with someone else, or each person can also prepare for themselves a plan, proactive preparedness and preparedness. ready for every ‘tomorrow’ so that you can confidently pursue your ambitions and live a satisfying life.

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