Tobogganing – These Turkish women are the real “cool runnings”

Istanbul – Broken neck, dear ladies!

In the “four-man bobsleigh”, made from the tubes of old car tires, these four Turkish women whiz down the self-built slope in Çınardüzü (Turkey, 220 kilometers east of Istanbul).

The ladies obviously have fun with the slide, playing table football like children. Your slope is more than half a kilometer long. So there is enough space to really take off!

Young and old join in, even a woman with a cane enjoys a break in the knee-high snow (photo).

A woman with a cane is dragging her “sledge” up the slopePhoto: Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Their village is 900 meters above sea level – and because there is snow most of the winter, the local school principal has arranged for the race track to be built. It only takes thick boots, winter jackets and a lot of courage to conquer what is probably the coolest bobsled run in Turkey.

The villagers won’t win a trophy, but fun is guaranteed.

A great winter adventure!


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