To write tickets: Policeman scratches arrow from sign

Hanover – A policeman wants to write a ticket, stands on his radio car and scratches a no-parking sign. I beg your pardon?

The unbelievable story from last Saturday: Carsten L. (44) meets with a friend at a kiosk for coffee on Schaperplatz, opposite is a taxi stand.

The cell phone video shows the officer standing on the patrol car and scratching the white arrow on the sign with an object

Photo: private

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The damaged sign has since been replaced by the city administration

Photo: Marcus Prell

Then a police patrol stops. The security guard: “A police officer wanted to issue a ticket because my buddy was allegedly standing in the taxi zone with his Golf. But it is on the other side of the square. The arrow on the sign indicated that. “

As proof, he showed the policeman a letter from the public order office. L. to BILD: “I happened to have that with me. The same officer wrote me down on March 1st. I should pay 15 euros. ”The proceedings were discontinued because, according to the authorities, there was“ no administrative offense ”.

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The city administration has now replaced the damaged sign: the white arrow on it indicates the taxi zone

Photo: Marcus Prell

The police described what then happened as follows: “The police superintendent felt compelled to remove the directional arrow that was subsequently attached – according to his personal assessment – in order to restore the supposedly correct state.”

Carsten L. filmed the police officer with his cell phone. The 44-year-old: “When he was finished, he said: ‘Now parking is prohibited everywhere!'”

Why could the policeman just remove the arrow? Carsten L .: “It was obviously just glued on.”

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Carsten L. (44) wanted to have a coffee with his buddy on the square on Saturday

Photo: Marcus Prell

City spokesman Udo Möller: “The traffic-regulating signs are always on the right-hand side of the sign.” In plain language: You can park opposite the taxi rank. The scratched sign was replaced – again with an arrow.

According to the police press office, the officer was transferred to the office. The incident is under further investigation.


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